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Inked Memphis
Inked Memphis
  • Chris

      Chris is a Memphis born artist and musician, currently seeking a BFA degree at The University of Memphis in Photography. He has tattooed from Memphis to Florida to Long Island and many places in between along the way. Influenced heavily by portrait and surrealistic tattoo artists, Chris has developed a painterly approach to tattooing. He enjoys tattooing black and grey portraits, animal portraits, fine art and abstract pieces. Some tattoo accolades include being published in Tattoo Magazine in April 2012, several trophies from tattoo conventions over the years, and traveling from Florida to New York and tattooing in 7 states. “ I love where art is going today, there are so many crazy things happening everywhere man “ Chris. 


     An Inked Memphis original artist.  Rachel was discovered by Inked ownership performing in a dance company.  She learned to combine her degree in art illustration and her passion for  performance into some of the most visually inspiring tattoo masterpieces anywhere in the world. 


    A true dual threat, Myke is a tattooing & piercing machine.  If it was not for his beautiful little girl, it could be said that tattooing and piercing is Myke's life.  Then you meet his little girl and you realize who he is working so hard for.


    Jason graduated from Memphis College of Art in 2007 with a BFA in Sculpture.  He is an artist of many mediums, including mixed media painting and sculpture, mold making and tattooing since 2010.  His artistic style is whimsical, colorful neo-traditional.


     As the Inked General Manager, Brent brings his years of experience in tattooing and piercing to the shop.  He has tattooed in some of Memphis's top tattoo shops before coming to Inked making Inked the top  shop in Memphis. 


    A new Inked Memphis original artist, it seems like Erin was born to tattoo.  She just needed the Inked brand to help her realize her potential.  Now her clients are seeing her potential has turned into real masterpieces.   She has always had an artistic background and has been working around tattoo shops for the past 6 years. Erin’s style leans towards American traditional and neotraditional.  

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