By far one of the Mid-South's best artists who has been a hidden secret...until now....Jake's work speaks for itself.   Having tattooed for over 11 years including in New Orleans, Jake specializes in cover ups and color bomb.   Just look at the pics below and nothing more needs to be said, except for you better book an appointment soon.


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  Booga is the best in the hottest new trend in tattoos.....tiny tattoos.  Smaller tattoos can be very challenging but with a very steady hand, Booga's work is beautiful in any size.  Her skills also  include piercing and permanent makeup tattoos.  One thing not tiny is her passion for her art.  Book an appointment with her and you will see. 


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 If you have never thought about the fact you have the freedom to express yourself with a tattoo, you should.  Then you should come thank Markeith, a veteran who was wounded protecting your rights.  Now he is helping you express your right with his artistic side.  



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You won't find a better example of someone that looks like a rough and tough artist but who is actually a gentle soul.  Maybe that is why his rose work is so beautiful!


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 Boop's personality is as big as his art.  That doesn't mean in size because he does some great small pieces, it means if you want an artist that is excited to talk to you about your ideas and who will get as excited as you are about them, come see Boop. 



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Born and raised in Midtown Memphis, Cookiee is what Midtown is, truly artistic.  An artist for the last 21 years & a professionally licensed tattoo artist for the last 8 years, she has developed a truly diverse style.  When she is not expressing her art tattooing, she enjoys painting and black & gray drawings.


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Born in Mexico but having lived his entire life here, Emmanuel not just lives his life, he lives the artist life.  Tattooing and the tattoo artist lifestyle is what he says he has always been drawn to.  If he is not working on his art you will find him chasing his other passion, muscle cars.


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Born in here in TN, Mary has been an aspiring young artist since the age of 6.  Having started in healthcare, Mary finally decided to combine her passion for art with her care skills and has become one of the hottest young tattoo artists in Memphis.  Mary is very versatile tattooing realism, color bomb, and black & grey portraits to name a few.  Her specialties also include micro tattoos and line work which she uses her steady hands to product tiny masterpieces.  So if you are looking for small artist masterpieces, come see Mary!


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